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About us & Alonistria

Natural colors, hand-made carpets woven on traditional looms, stones, wood…
A use of traditional handcrafts and architecture to respect the integrity of the village
and its surrounding landscape.

Alonistria houses were born out of our love for an ancient, arduous and preserved Greek island: Amorgos. From the beginning, we desired to respect and revive the local techniques of construction as well as conserve the spirit of local houses furniture. Alonistria houses have been designed following the elements, forms and shapes of the typical traditional Cycladic architecture. The interior design avoids the over-use of contemporary elements and mostly use native objects and traditional materials.
Blinding white, small sheltered courts, arches, dry-stone walls and threshing areas illustrate our indissoluble bond with the history of the place. All our houses are perfectly integrated in the natural landscape. Surrounded by an unspoiled environment, we have created a simple, yet beautiful garden with native plants and spontaneous vegetation. Alonistria in addition to the traditional volumes aims to respect the flagrances and colors of Amorgos island.